Is Will Smith Now Receiving Treatment At a Rehabilitation facility?

Will Smith

The world of cinema has been full of incidents of people being moved from their present positions or even places to keep them safe and out of danger. However, there are many examples when directors have resorted to doing more than that. Some people moved their position with the sole purpose of keeping them safe and, by extension, getting back into their old jobs. This is exactly what happened with Will Smith’s rehabilitation after he allegedly assaulted a cinematographer who, in turn, tried to help him escape an unwanted situation during the filming of his movie. During this stunt, it can be seen that he was wearing only one leg but he appeared to have pulled the limb back and forth with every other foot attached to his other hand. It’s said that the stunt was not particularly dangerous but in no way could it be considered legal

Will Smith’s Prosthetic Leg is On Set:

Thankfully, it seems highly unlikely that there would be any lasting damage to Smith’s body. Although his knee might be affecting the healing process, chances are that this won’t be the case since there are many hospitals specializing in orthopedic care. The most recent pictures that were released showed Will Smith rehabilitation sitting on two chairs with both feet apart. This may seem like an obvious violation of professional standards, especially given that it took place so close to the start of filming. But, if the whole scenario was to happen with someone younger, they wouldn’t even be able to finish filming The Pawnee King in four weeks. It wouldn’t even take him long to find out that he’s lost his prosthetic leg since then. In addition to losing his prosthetic leg, the entire sequence will show the complete extent of Smith’s injuries including the shattered teeth and broken bones. And even though he’s just lost his prosthetic leg, he will likely be able to complete another dramatic sequence where he plays the role of a cowboy.

The level of Smith’s treatment:

The treatment being administered by these professionals involves the removal of muscles in exchange for materials to make it look like he is injured. At the same time, Will Smith’s rehabilitation needed to remove anything from his prosthetic leg, and everything related to that prosthetic leg, so that he could no longer move it while filming The Pawnee King. Even though his prosthetic is still on, it can’t do all the basic functions such as movement and balance. For example, there are multiple locations where he used to stand up on a chair, which is now not allowed thanks to his prosthetic limb. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see how much time Smith spends trying to hold onto it.

Will Smith was in quite a bit of trouble when he accidentally assaulted a person while filming The Pawnee King. Fortunately, medical experts will now be able to examine him, and hopefully, find the cause of his injuries and return him to his normal duties in filming. They’ll probably have to run some tests to determine what caused the assault. Luckily, Smith isn’t too badly hurt and, hopefully, will not need medical intervention anytime soon. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that Smith can fully get back into his old ways or that he will never go back to acting again. Although he needs to wear a prosthetic leg for some time after his accident.

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Will Smith

When Will Smith be able to attend the Academy Awards again?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences declared in April that Will Smith will be barred from attending the Oscars for the next decade. According to a statement released by the Recording Academy Awards, “The Board has resolved, for 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be able to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or digitally, including but not limited to the Academy Awards.” It was “overshadowed by the reprehensible and damaging behavior we witnessed Mr. Smith demonstrate on stage,” the Academy stated in a statement, condemning Will Smith’s onstage antics.

To “ensure the safety of our performers and tourists, and restore trust in the Academy,” they added, “this move we are taking today in reaction to Will Smith’s acts is a step toward a greater purpose of doing just that. Will Smith had decided to leave the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences before he was banned from attending the Oscars. Chris, his kids, many of my own friends and loved ones, everyone in attendance, and international watchers at home are just a few of the people I have injured, Will stated in a statement. Later, Will stated, “I betrayed the Academy’s trust. I snatched the spotlight away from the deserving candidates and winners before they could properly acknowledge their accomplishments.

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Where does Will Smith go from here?

Will Smith has walked inside the facility on his own, opting for a location frequented by other American A-listers. Now it’s unclear how long he’ll be confined in the hospital. Without a question, he is facing his greatest challenge yet. The insider told The Sun that the location is a luxurious hideaway frequented by the affluent and famous, where the singer plans to “do a lot of soul-searching and figure out how he can go on.” He plans to leave in the hopes of returning to salvage what’s left of his job and good name. In light of his resignation, it’s possible he’s worried about losing his Oscar. That would hurt him, they said.

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