What Are The Kerem Bursin Turkish Hit Dramas Or films As An Actor?

Kerem Bursin

He made his debut on the screen in 1999 with a movie called “Yuntu” (Rise of) and had several projects in the following years. In 2000, Kerem Bursin played the role of an army soldier who is kidnapped by pirates and held in captivity until only he can return home to protect himself and the people of Turkey.There have been few successes in the world on the big screen.

Where does Kerem Bursin fit in? 

Kerem Bursin is a well-known actor, model, producer, activist, and television and film star in his native Turkey. He acted opposite Hande Erçel, another famous Turkish actress. In 2014, Kerem received both the Best Actor award at the Dilek Awards (for his work in Waiting for the Sun) and the Best Actor award at the 14th Annual Stars of the Year Awards. He was recognized as the best actor at the Seoul International Best Actor Award ceremony. He was born on September 2, 1961, in Istanbul.

However, he still enjoys success among Turks as a male actor as he plays soldiers, police officers, policemen, and even generals. His acting career is very good and is full of variety. His personal life has always been very important to him. Although his mother divorced when he was young, she was still married to his father, whom he liked much, and his mother. Their relationship went through all these stages of human development: divorce, remarriage, and children on their own.

Kerem Bursin Film industry:

In recent times, he starred in two films that are very famous among the public: “Deko’l içek,” “Zeytin Dolmaş”. For the first time, he also presented a romantic story on the stage, which was written by Şandir Ozmencu and based on real events. Another great credit goes to Ekrem Guzel, who wrote the script with him. I’ve seen both those films several times and every time, I admire the work of Ekrem Guzel. They are two different types of stories that will become classics in our lives because they tell us something meaningful.

The second part of this series tells that there are 3 main characters in one film, who can be used to represent three sides of the same coin: men and women, old and new. Two of them, namely Emir Bey and Ayse Kayis were the central protagonists, in the book “Kerem Bursin and His Films”. In the book, he describes their lives before and after the war as a result of which a man could do anything to make his wife happy, while a woman did the same for her husband’s happiness. Both girls from the book were born at the end of that period and both were raised following the Muslim religion and traditions.

Naturally, the fathers who were involved in the war were men and they didn’t need to be young men. They were fathers and mothers, whose responsibility was not only to take care of their family and children, not only to earn money and live life in peace but to be strong and brave. This character description of these two characters was very beautiful. We see it in the film Dede Kasumı, where we see how women are treated during the war in Turkey.

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Kerem Bursin

The fact of Independency of women in one best shot of Kerem Bursin’sfilm:

Women wanted to be independent and they worked hard to achieve this independence. The whole film depicts a struggle for freedom, however, due to society’s restrictions, it could not happen as women lived under the roof of their husbands with no rights, privileges, or any freedom. That’s why even though it was extremely difficult for them to have a free life, they tried to achieve this independence. And the result was successful.

The third and final character described in the book is Ayse Kayis. She wanted to become an artist but was suppressed by society’s conventions, being born female. Then her father asked her mother if they should be happy together, with their families, or with art. But Ayse Kayis had already faced discrimination. So, the most terrible fact for her was that nobody supported her dreams.

Because of her talent, there were a lot of competitions in the country. People started showing more interest in her work and gave her awards to praise her talent. Now she had the opportunity to study arts. Her father, a doctor who was engaged in other jobs, gave up his job and took a teaching position for the girl. Therefore, she studied in various schools, learning by heart the knowledge and skills that an individual need.

Finally, she received her degree and gave birth to a daughter, who has since passed away. Thus, she left Turkey as a result of what she was taught to become an artist. During this time, she traveled around Europe and began teaching at universities around the world. She became quite well known among artists. Not only that but also in her hometown Turkey she was respected by people.

Many people supported her and she became successful. At the beginning of the 1990s, Kay returned to Turkey as she wanted to continue studying. Then she tried everything to regain her reputation. Even though it was not easy, she succeeded. Then again, another child was born as a result of what the young girl did. Moreover, in the process of trying to gain back her old status, she was discriminated against in front of everyone. Many critics blamed her for being a lesbian. But this time, she received a lot of support.

By doing this he finally succeeded in getting a place for Kerem Bursin as an actor in the history of the country. In addition to that, he became a symbol of beauty for him, having beautiful skin, hair, eyes, and perfect physical characteristics.Having gained immense popularity, particularly over the last year after appearing on the Turkish drama series Sen Çal Kapimi with co-star and now-girlfriend Hande Erçel, we take a look at some facts you might not know about actor Kerem Bursin.

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