A Brief Account Of Michael Ciminella’s Life Reminiscences

Michael Ciminella

Michael Ciminella despite being a very successful businessman himself is still widely known around the world for being Naomi Judd’s husband. They both fell in love at a young age and tied the knot in 1964, Judd at that time was merely 17 years old. However Michael and Naomi parted ways in 1972 after 8 years of marriage due to personal differences, together they have a daughter named Ashley Judd who is an acclaimed stage and film actress.

Particular’s About Michael Ciminella’s Education:

Micheal Ciminella was born in 1945.His father was a very successful local businessman. Originally from Ashland, Kentucky he resides in Louisville currently. Micheal moved around various schools during his early educational days. He attended his degree in Business from Transylvania university. Micheal Ciminellas’s passion for business studies brought him to the University of California where he accomplished his MBA degree.

Michael Ciminella: Merely A Celebrity Husband?

Although people know Michael Ciminella because of his relationship with popular star Naomi Judd however there are many other aspects of his life concealed from the public eye. Micheal after completing his education worked in Sports Production for various celebrated networks including the likes of ESPN and NBC Sports. He also did a gig for an Aerospace company working in the marketing department.

After gaining ample experience working for many notable companies Michael Ciminella decided it was time to start his own business just like his father. Michael using his educational knowledge and skills gained through his work experience was able to build a business empire and founded Ashland Aluminium Co. At the time of writing his net worth stands at a whopping 25 million USD. Read more of such articles here.

Michael Ciminella’s Relationship Timeline With Naomi Judd:

Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd were both classmates and when they decided to tie the knot Naomi Judd had not even turned 18. Naomi at that time was just another high school girl and not the famous singer we know today. She was also carrying her daughter Wynonna whom she had with Charles Jordan her Football player Boyfriend. Naomi gave birth to her daughter and had to miss her graduation ceremony.

Michael Ciminealla

Michael Ciminella stood with Naomi through this all and even gave Wynonna her name. The couple then moved to Los Angeles where they had a daughter together named Ashley in 1968. However, some relations are never meant to last longer, the couple parted ways in 1972 after 8 years together. Naomi then moved to Kentucky with the girls and raised the girls alone. Her life changed after she formed a band with her daughter Wynonna. Together they were known as  The Judds and became a music sensation really quick.

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Michael Ciminella: A Loving Father

Although Micheal Ciminellas relationship could not last long with his wife but he has proved himself to be a caring and loving father. He not only adopted Wynonna but also loved her as her own, Wynonna in her younger days even used to think that he was his real father.However there relationship hit a rocky patch in 2012 when Wynonna filed a lawsuit against Michael Ciminella for returning back a loan of 200,000USD.

Ashley, Micheals biological who is an actress as well as a political activist and humanitarian shares a close bond with her father. He was along Ashley side when she had to get an urgent surgery, Ashley had to travel to SouthAfrica for it and Micheal Ciminella also made the trip to be beside her.

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Whtat’s Micheal Ciminella Up to these days:

Contrary to the rumours regarding his death he is well and alive.After is his marriage ended with Naomi he faded away from the public attention slowly and now live a quite retired life in Kentucky.

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