Some of the Finest Free-Standing Shower Handles and Advice on Their Setup


People who are less mobile or who require help standing up in the shower or tub might feel more secure with the installation of a Standing Shower handle. There is less of a chance of slipping and falling on the wet, slippery floor of a Standing Shower if there is a handle for support and to pull or push on while moving about. Disabled people and the elderly who are losing muscle and bone mass may benefit from these devices.

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Finding Out Which Free-Standing Shower Controls to Get:

A “Standing Shower” handle in this context refers to any shower accessory that facilitates rising from a sitting to a standing posture. These kinds of grips are often called “grab bars” in the United States. We’ll focus on standing, however, they can be used to glide between sitting and lying down, and how we can Install shower standing handle as well, depending on where they’re mounted on the shower wall.

Applying Adhesive Cups to a Surface:

Standing Shower for might assist those who are unable to walk or stand in the shower. Because of this, the risk of slipping and falling in the shower is reduced for those who are physically impaired or have trouble maintaining their balance. Suction cups are used to attach these devices. The handles may be easily removed and reinstalled to achieve a different height.

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Brackets for mounting: If you have problems getting up and about Standing Shower, a shower with standing handles might be a big help. These may be used in place of regular shower handles to make standing in the shower more secure. If you have trouble keeping your balance or staying safe in the bathroom, installing these bars is a smart option. Here you may find out how to put up these shower accessories by yourself. Once they’re set up, you’ll discover they’re really useful.


Bolts: You may pick from several different “Standing Shower” shower knobs. Suction shower handles may be attached to any smooth, non-porous surface. In most cases, nonporous tiles are used. If you want to keep your wall from moving, make sure the handle isn’t touching the grout, and install a large tile at the base of the wall. The door knobs may be mounted in a variety of ways, including with screws that are concealed behind the wall studs.

Locates: Choosing a location for the grab bar is the first step when setting up Standing Shower handles in a shower. If the bar is to be positioned on the tub’s edge, the Standing Shower handle should be fastened to the tub rather than the wall. Then, drill a tiny hole into the mark using a cordless drill and a masonry bit. After that, securely fasten the anchor in place by screwing it into the hole, but avoid making it too tight.

Altitude: Fortunately, you may choose from a wide selection of different types of shower knobs. Even while a 36-inch Standing Shower handle seems to work well for most people, some who are very tall may want a 43-inch one instead. Life Savers, a popular brand of grab bars for showers, may be a lifesaver for those who need a little more help keeping their balance. The height of a handle is typically determined by the distance between the mounting holes.

Possibilities to Health: Those who have trouble getting about may benefit from “Standing Shower handles” installed in the shower. They’re there to prevent you from falling in an emergency by giving you a firmer footing. In addition to assisting those with normal mobility, they may also help those who have trouble standing or walking. Putting in shower knobs requires a few specific considerations. This equipment must be installed correctly to prevent any dangers.

Several Fixed Shower Controls:

The installation of permanent shower knobs requires more work, but they are significantly safer than their detachable counterparts.

Handle, Moen, 24 Inch, Bathroom: The Moen 24 Inch Bathroom Handle is a modern, high-quality addition to any bathroom. Since it is constructed from stainless steel, it can easily blend in with most bathroom designs. The concealed screws give it a polished appearance. When properly mounted, it can support loads of up to 500 pounds. The Secure Mount concept is built in, but studs and the actual Secure Mounts are sold separately.


Tubs Benefit Greatly from Invisible Grab Bars: Those looking for high-end (and pricey) shower knobs can consider purchasing from Invidia. This is one of their areas of expertise, therefore the products they produce are reliable and attractive. You may get shower handles that wrap over the soap dish and the faucet handle, as well as ones that double as toilet paper holders to make getting on and off the toilet a breeze.

The Moen Flip-Up Grab Bar is a Convenient Addition to Any Bathroom: When several individuals of different ages live in the same house, the Moen Flip-Up Bathroom Grab Bar is the best solution. The bar may be quickly flipped away when it is not in use but is always close at hand if it is required. There’s a weight limit of 300 pounds, and it complies with ADA standards. Its length is 30 inches, and its width is 1.25 inches.

Grab Bar for Secure Footing in Aquatic Environments: When it comes to grabbing bars, the Aqua Chase Safety Grab Bar is one of the few that has a non-slip grip. The odorless silastic used to make the soft grip also makes for excellent traction, particularly when the grip is wet. It is offered in 12, 16, and 24-inch lengths. It’s ADA-compliant and can hold up to 500 pounds. It’s versatile in that it can be set up on any plane.

Final verdict:

Whether you’re setting up a shower or a bath, you’ll want to make sure the area is free of any stray items. Slipping is a leading cause of falls, therefore having hold bars around may help. These devices are not limited to usage in the bathroom, but may also be used to assist in getting in and out of the shower or tub.


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