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Valentina Boscardin

A well-known Italian model, Valentina Boscardin died just after a few days from Covid-19 pneumonia, aged just 18 years and 4 days. She was one of the many models that were photographed wearing her famous Versace outfit during photoshoots in Milan for GQ magazine this week. “To give life to elegance is to give it the color,” the fashion designer stated, elaborating on what she intended to convey with Valentina’s remarkable features. “To be beautiful means more than being a model. It means having your style, uniqueness, and personality. It is a way to make something that gives you strength and confidence.”

Family status of Valentina Boscardin:

The family’s statement on their daughter’s death was short: Valentina Boscardin life was cut short today by an invisible virus. We thank God for our angel Valentina, who always believed in us,” she added. The model had a passion for travel, history, travel, and music, which inspired many of her looks. Her mother Elisabetta Boscardin said that “Valentina became a world traveler, a teacher, and a writer. You can see the character of Valentina in every face that she has given life. In Valentina and our lives, we will always have a woman like the Virgin Mary.”

Personal life of Valentina Boscardin:                

The model shared her personal story of how her parents raised her. “My father was born in Bari near Florence. He worked as an accountant but later became a banker, while my mother studied law and then married. My sister and I were brought up in Madrid. That’s where they raised me, but I was able to move to New York when my sisters decided to go out of Spain and live there. The couple had two children: Matteo Martino and Cristian Montano, whom they named after celebrities who also happened to be celebrities in real life.

Valentina Boscardin

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Valentina Boscardin career:

Valentina Boscardin legacy continues today in her art, where she is the architect and protagonist of intricately rendered ideas. Valentina Boscardin life have no exception, her stories are told and her dreams are achieved thanks to her extraordinary charisma and talent. Finally, I’ve lost a lovely friend and colleague, but I also know that I’d want to leave a huge hole for the remainder of the ladies and men of the future. Elisabetta ended her homage by speaking a few words about her kid. “My son is looking forward to his future; he has already made a great contribution to science and technology. And now I say to him: look to the stars for directions and never take any wrongs for granted.”

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Valentina Boscardin’s social life:

The model’s Valentina Boscardin Instagram account shows portraits of four different models wearing different dresses and hats with the same design. Also, she posted several photos under the name @valentinasboscardin, sometimes sharing pictures from modeling events or giving her fans tips on how to look different.

Valentina Boscardin is an idol to those seeking independence and individuality. When her second collection hit the shelves, it sold out within hours and attracted attention.

However, this time it was done without glamour, all dressed in an elegant pink velvety fabric that covered most of Valentina’s body. The line got the hashtag #ValentinaBoscardin2020 trending worldwide, as people sought out advice.

The model’s followers also searched online for the perfect clothes and accessories to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The label gave many ideas about Valentina Boscardin outfits: floral tops, bright pinks, long dresses, and so much more. If one wanted an idea of how to look like Valentina without makeup and clothes, one could look at these images:

A photo that went viral went viral, showing a young Valentina Boscardin modeling in lingerie at the La Fiera Bianca in Milan for GQ Magazine.

The shot showed a young girl in a black bra posing on top of a white tiger print body suit. While people were excited about seeing the model dressed in fancy materials, other photographers were stunned at the fact that someone could exist at all.

Others pointed out how she might not have gotten as much publicity as she did if she wasn’t so fashionable and wanted to prove herself.

Valentina Boscardin also shared photos of a shoot on Instagram, showing herself lying down in her bed in a grey sweatshirt and pants and making do with only her blue eyelashes.

Some other photographers were excited to check out the outfit; however, others wondered how the model could do it, given the restrictions and the distance between them.

People were curious about her background and her childhood home: Italy, Poland, Venezuela, Lebanon, and North Macedonia. For Valentina, love was everything, no matter how hard she tried to deny it or hide it.

‘The best thing is that it can become a career and go on to a million people around the world,’ she said. “I love working with kids!

So, I started a company called Valentina Boscardin and Co where I work with small groups around the globe, mainly kids and adolescents, to create fashion and lifestyle content. It’s just wonderful to collaborate with them and see their energy and creativity.

They are a great bunch and make it a pleasure to travel with the brand. But I think it’s not enough, if you’re looking for fame and fortune, you need to start paying close attention to yourself and stop following trends. Valentina Boscardin be truly self-aware and know yourself.

When I think of myself, I see my angel, I think I am very strong, I know and I dream without limits.

She continued: “I haven’t left Italy, I spent Christmas alone with the girls. My heart will always be open to her. All my loved ones still want to come here.

But I think I can be proud of myself if I can spend the holidays with my friends and not with the paparazzi.” Fans were impressed by the photo, saying it showed how happy she was with living in Italy. Hopefully one day, we’ll get to meet the model and share our hearts.

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