The Titan Smartwatch Is a Multifunctional Smartwatch That is Long on Features But Short On The Basics

Titan smartwatch have been a staple in Indian culture for decades. In 2016, it began selling Juxta, a smartwatch it developed in partnership with HP, onto the market, using the same magic formula. Since then, it has released the Titan smart watch review along with a slew of other smartwatches and a fitness tracker in India.

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Planning, Construction, And Installation With Titan Smartwatch:

On the surface, the Titan smart watch reviewto be a standard wristwatch. However, its circular design sets it apart from other smartwatches on the market and offers it a certain charm. This style is likely to please any fan of vintage timepieces.

The Titan Smartwatch is one of the lighter smartwatches on the market at just 39.1 grams. It has a 12mm aluminum casing that is both sturdy and comfortable on the wrist. There are two buttons on the right side: a menu button (up top) and a home/power button (at the bottom). The home button accesses the app’s settings, while the menu button doubles as a back button. In addition, tapping the home button takes you to the default home screen or watch face. Both buttons protrude somewhat, giving the watch an even more traditional look; we also like their satisfyingly tactile feel.

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The polycarbonate case cover continues around to the rear of the Titan Smart. It has a protruding central module that stores the various sensors and charging contacts for the watch. Even though this module rises slightly above the surface, we found that it left imprints on the wrist after being worn for lengthy periods.

Titan Intelligent Screenshot:

There is something a little off about this screen, however, and that is the rather wide bezel. Initially, you may not even see this since the black watch face blends in so nicely with the bezel, but as soon as you start scrolling through a list or switching to a lighter-colored watch face, you will see it. We think the watch might benefit from a slightly smaller bezel, as this would give it more room for the screen, allowing for a more immersive experience and a greater variety of content.

Titan Smartwatch

The Titan Smartwatch offers the pinnacle of navigational experiences by allowing you to employ a variety of gestures to go through its menus. Unfortunately, while the screen is great at reacting to these touches, it frequently falters and seems sluggish when navigating through several options. Additionally, if your hands are dirty or greasy, the screen will suffer even more.

As if that weren’t enough, the Titan Smart Pro’s screen is shielded from scratches by a layer of Gorilla Glass 3. After wearing the watch almost nonstop for a fortnight, we can confirm that the Gorilla Glass has prevented any damage to the display. At the time of writing, there were no visible scratches on the screen of our review device.

The Efficiency Of The Titan Smart Watch:

Titan Smartwatch is compatible with devices using Bluetooth 5.0. It works with iOS and Android devices. While we got the opportunity to test the watch, we had some difficulties while attempting to pair it with the Android smartphones we used for the first test. Plus, its accompanying app which puts all the health and activity data together also seemed unfinished on Android. Once we were linked, though, the program ran without a hitch and served its intended purpose.

Likewise, the watch provided a positive experience because of all the useful tools it had. The built-in GPS on the Titan Smartwatch is a great example of this since it enables you to track your runs without having to bring along your phone. In our testing, we discovered that the GPS’s accuracy was acceptable (but not perfect) since it sometimes struggled on crowded city streets.

The Smartwatch also has a barometer and altimeter to help you figure out how high or low you are relative to sea level and the local air pressure, respectively. Therefore, this function might be quite helpful while going on a hiking or trekking trip. The watch’s compass app is just one more useful function that can be accessed from the wrist.

The Titan Smartwatch, has 14 distinct sports modes, including yoga, walking, cycling, swimming, and climbing, for monitoring fitness and activity. The watch does an excellent job of handling most of these activity monitoring duties, and on some of them, you can even set a target for yourself.

Titan Smartwatch, Functionality And Program:

Titan’s Smartwatch runs Titan’s in-house operating system. It’s the same as what was on the Titan Smart Touch, its previous smartwatch, but with some cosmetic and practical upgrades.This update makes the watch’s interface look better organized, and the animations are smoother than before (as many had complained about). The majority of its previous functionality and software remain, though.

As such, you get a variety of watch faces, adjustable brightness and haptic system (that turns the screen into a bright light source), and a flashlight (that uses the screen as a light source).Titan includes useful apps like a Timer, Reminders, Music Player, and Camera on the Smartwatch, so you can do more without taking your hand off your wrist.

The Reminders app is very helpful. You have the option of creating up to ten reminders, one of which may be personalized, and setting daily reminders for the full week.Similarly, camera control software on the wristwatch is helpful since it allows you to snap images without having to use your phone to trigger the camera.

The addition of these applications improves Smart watches usability, but the software still falls short of what we’d call “smartwatch essentials.” One major drawback is that it does not allow you to engage with incoming alerts; all you can do is watch them. The inability to utilize Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to listen to music is another drawback since it prevents you from making use of the music control app in situations when it would be most helpful.

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